woman in bed thinking

Waiting to be Spontaneous

By Kelli Young | January 18, 2020

This is a shout out to all of you 40+ers who are in long-term committed relationships.  I have an important question to ask you.  I’ll give you 10 seconds…

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“Psst…I don’t orgasm during sex”

By Kelli Young | October 31, 2019

As a sex therapist, I meet many women who are generally dissatisfied with their sex lives. One of the most common complaints that I hear from women is that…

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Tips for Spicing Up Your Sex Life

By Kelli Young | April 15, 2019

Looking for some tips to spice up your sex life? Here are our top 10 – add yours in the comments below! Tip # 1: If your sex drive isn’t…

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CAUTION: Slippery When Wet

By Kelli Young | February 18, 2019

Okay ladies, let’s talk about sexual lubricants.  Now, you may be thinking: “I don’t need a lubricant—those are only for old dried-up vaginas”.  Not true!  Sexual lubricants are for…

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