A Message from Kelli Young, Lead Expert Consultant of the bee2gether vibe.

The occupational therapist in me has always been concerned with optimizing people’s experiences in the roles and activities that are meaningful to them. Additionally, as a Sex Therapist, I work to help individuals and couples derive joy, pleasure, and satisfaction in their sexual experiences.

Over many years of practicing, I have met with countless couples who are dissatisfied with their sex lives. Women frequently complain that sexual intercourse is not fulfilling to them as they have not been able to reach orgasm that way. In fact, the harsh reality is that more than 75% of women do not reliably orgasm through intercourse.

So, when I was invited to be the lead expert consultant for the development of a product that would change that statistic and dramatically improve women’s experience of sex, I was so excited to get involved.  Introducing, the bee2gether vibe!

The bee2gether vibe is an innovative sexual pleasure vibe for couples that is revolutionizing the way couples experience sex together. Its Pleasure-Zone design specifically targets the woman’s most sexually arousing “sweet spots” during couple sex, bringing her to new heights of sexual ecstasy and orgasm. Men also love the amazing sensations of the bee2gether vibe.

At last, couples can finally be together in their arousal and pleasure during sex!


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